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Whether you work in an office with others or have made the decision to work from home and combine this with a degree of flexible working, you may well be looking for advice and help with childcare. There is no single best choice when choosing childcare; the decision that you make will depend on cost, availability, the age of your child and the number of hours of care that you will need. Below you will find information on a variety of childcare options, lists of questions that you might want to ask, and advice on the right places to go for more information

In Your Home


All About Nannies

Australian and New Zealand nannies

How do I know if a nanny is right for me?

Ten questions for interviewing a nanny

How to be a good employer for your nanny

How to encourage loyalty and motivate your nanny

Taking a nanny on holiday

Nannytax nanny tax tables 2013/2014

Nannytax nanny tax table gross to net 2014/15

Nannytax nanny tax table net to gross 2014/15

Nannytax nanny tax table gross to net 2015/16

Nannytax nanny tax table net to gross 2015/16

Ever thought about a nannyshare?

Association of Nanny Agencies - Nanny training

Association of Nanny Agencies - Nanny membership

Association of Nanny Agencies - Agency membership

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Association of Nanny Agencies - Nanny membership

Emergency nannies - help is at hand

Best Bear's Emergency Childcare

Employing a Nanny in Scotland 



Au Pairs (general information)

Au Pairs - how do you know if hiring an Au Pair is right for you?

Male Au Pairs on the increase


Babysitters - general information

Employing a babysitter for the first time

Hiring a babysitter

Babysitters - Frequently asked questions


Maternity and Paternity leave - legal rights

Questions to ask a maternity nanny during interview


Mother's Help

Maternity Nurses


Want To Complain?

Tax and National Insurance


Checking CVs and References

The Criminal Records Bureau

Nanny and Childcarer Contract Template

Contractual Details and Legal Obligations


Financial Help with Childcare for Lower-Income Families

Emergency childcare

Childcare for children with additional needs or disabilities

Childcare choices and costs