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Geraldine Miskin

Breastfeeding and newborn specialist consultant

Geraldine Miskin is a former Maternity Nurse with 10 years' experience working with families and newborns. She has completed the Australiasian Lactation Course as well as several breastfeeding and lactation courses in the UK. She currently runs a private practice in London offering home consultations for all baby related problems as well as breastfeeding and baby care lessons. Her philosophy is to promote and encourage breastfeeding and to support ALL parents regardless of their infant feeding choice.

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Roni Jay

Parenting consultant consultant

Roni Jay is a professional writer and publisher specialising in parenting subjects. Her most recent books include 'Kids & Co', which is about how to use business ideas to raise children, and 'Babies for Beginners', a humorous, no-nonsense guide that takes the stress out of looking after a newborn. She is married and lives in Devon with her three young children. She also has three grown-up stepchildren.

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Lisa Barnes

Homeopathy consultant

Lisa Barnes has been prescribing homeopath for the past 9 years, working with both classical and modern approaches to homeopathy. Completing a post-graduate course in Women?s Health & Midwifery, Lisa specialises in children?s behavioural problems and ailments, all stages of pregnancy, to the actual birth itself & post-natal issues. Working very closely with the London based National Childbirth Trust and private Midwifery teams have lead her to gain a wealth of experience in these areas. On a personal level of experience, Lisa had a water home birth with her first son and a natural childbirth with her twin boys.

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Mary Elder

Childcare Expert consultant

Mary Elder has run the Sevenoaks branch of The Childcare Company since January 2004. Mary?s knowledge of childcare is based on real experience. She has worked as a nanny and grew up with au pairs in her home. Mary studied Politics and English at Loughborough University. Her first job after leaving university was for the international organisation Au Pair in America where she assessed the suitability of the applicants for the cultural exchange programme and ensured they were placed with an American family. After several years in marketing she trained and qualified as an English teacher at secondary level. She has taught English at primary and secondary level in the state and private sector. Mary now has her own family and has two daughters called Beatrice and Cordelia. She has employed both nannies and au pairs.

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Elaine Lambe

Educational consultant

Elaine trained as an Occupational Therapist before working as a tutor for children with autism on early intervention programmes. She has had experience of supporting children with special educational needs in mainstream schools adapting the curriculum to make it accessible. Through her work in the home she taught helped parents to support their child?s learning, implemented behaviour plans and assisted with teaching self help skills for example toilet training, self-feeding and dressing. After the birth of her first child, Elaine started Littlesheep Learning an online store with an ever-growing range of teaching and learning materials to help all those who work with children.

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Christine Bailey

Healthy Eating and Cookery consultant

Christine Bailey (MSc PGCE MBANT) is qualified Nutritional Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Chef and Food and Health Consultant. She has over 16 years experience in the food and health industry working with a wide range of clients from Corporates, Food and Health Manufacturers to Charities, Local Authorities, families and children. Christine has presented seminars, workshops and courses over the years for Corporates, cookery schools, nutrition centres as well as running courses for Local Authorities, Charities, Schools and Colleges. She is a qualified teacher and a Healthy Schools Trainer as part of the Government?s Healthy Schools Partnership. She regularly works with children and family running nutrition courses, cookery days and demonstrations. She has a particular specialism in working with families with special needs and allergies. An experienced Food and Health Writer Christine regularly contributes to national and local Magazines and Newspapers on Food, Health, Nutrition and Fitness. She has appeared extensively in the media including radio and television. She is author of several health and recipe books including Tasty Treats for Healthy Kids, Top 100 Low Salt Recipes (Duncan Baird 2009), Top 100 Recipes for Brainy Kids (Duncan Baird 2009), Vitamix Cookbook (Duncan Baird 2009) and The Intelligent Way to Lose Weight (co-authored with Dr Mark Atkinson, Higher Nature 2009) She has enhanced CRB, full insurance, food and hygiene certificate and first aid certificate which are available on request.

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Iain Stewart

Children's Hygiene consultant

Before setting up his own specialist hygiene and decontamination company, Iain worked in the UK for one of the largest global hygiene service providers. Having been tasked to decontaminate a nursery after a major E-Coli outbreak, Iain realised that the information and advice available to parents, childminders and nurseries was varied, ambiguous and often provided by organisations with no actual experience or desire to get their hands dirty. ToyGuard started off as a challenge to fill the hygiene gap in the preschool industry and has grown into a crusade, getting hygiene into perspective and doing it rather than talking about it. ToyGuard has sought to bring best practice and cutting edge technology to the industry and give simple, practical solutions to everyday questions and situations. ToyGuard not only provides free online support and information regarding all aspects of hygiene, for instance, How do you clean a sandpit?, it also offers a full range of specialist services to the preschool industry with nurseries from Inverness to Ashford benefiting from ToyGuard expertise and advice.

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Mandy Gurney

Sleep consultant

Mandy Gurney is a registered nurse, midwife, health visitor and infant massage instructor. During her 20 years working as a health professional with families in the NHS, she saw first-hand the many problems caused by sleep deprivation. This motivated her to set up one of the NHS's first childrens sleep clinics. The outstanding results encouraged her in 2000 to set up Millpond Childrens Sleep Clinic. It is now the country's leading clinic helping parents around the world; specialising in babies and older childrens sleep problems. "For me solving a child's sleep problem is like putting together a jigsaw. By taking parents through all the issues, however apparently small, that could be contributing to the problem, I find the missing piece. Together we put it in place, and completing the picture is often a transforming experience for the family, and the best job in the world for me!" Mandy is asked to head sleep seminars and workshops both in the private and public sector. She is consulted by the consumer press for expert comment, is regularly seen on television and is a sleep consultant to the NHS. She is co-author of the sleep bible Teach Your Child to Sleep (Hamlyn, 2005), which has sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide and has now been published in eight languages. As a mother of two children, Mandy knows only too well how sleep deprivation can affect a family. Her first baby suffered from a variety of sleep problems, which is what ignited her interest in child sleep therapy.

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Hannah Love

Nutritional consultant

Hannah Love, a trained paediatric nurse, nutritional therapist, nanny and mum has worked with children in various roles for over 15 years. Her unique combination of medical knowledge from her nursing background coupled with her natural approach to treating childhood illness and diesease meant that she was appointed the specialist paediatric nutritional therapist at one of the countries top Nutrition clinics in 2006. More recently she has formed her own company Yummy Baby Group - Through this she conducts nutritional consultations, cookery classes, food intolerence testing, super nanny work, sleep training as well as classes for parents in first aid recussitation. In all these areas she uses a unique approach of drawing on her nursing, medical and nutritional knowledge, in combination with her skills in child behaviour, sleep training and child development, learned from over 15 years nannying, to help reduce anxiety, educate parents, and prevent and rectify bad behaviour and medical problems in a way only a parent could deliver.

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