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Between us we have knocked up far too many years of experience working in the childcare industry (makes us feel old when we add up how many years it is!) and we are all incredibly passionate about ensuring high standards in the childcare industry. We want to make sure that parents can feel safe and secure in their decisions when hiring a nanny, au pair or housekeeper.

As a result we will only list childcare agencies on our website that have passed our stringent and unique testing criteria - every single agency listed on this website has been tested by one of our experienced childcare team, and they have passed with flying colours.

A Best Bear Childcare approved agency is an agency you can trust!

This means that parents can know that when contacting a Best Bear agency that they are reputable and can be relied on to meet your needs. We are very proud of the childcare agencies listed on our website, and love working in partnership with them - we know that you will receive the exceptionally high levels of service and advice if you contact one of our recommended agencies.

If you have any feedback on our website or the service we offer we would love to hear from you - simply drop us an email at feedback@bestbear.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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